Review c. v. Dr. Ulloa

Antonio Ulloa Reinoso

Born in Bertamiráns (Ames) on July 2, 1961, is:

- Search and Rescue Instructor.

- Universitary Specialist in Sport  Medicine (USC - Spain).

- First european "BR" Certificate - Search and Rescue (UPAME/UNC - Argentina).

- Teacher collaborator with Academia Galega de Seguridade Pública in the Search and Rescue Courses in Mountain and Difficult Access  Areas.

- Ex-Instructor of Search, Emergencies and Catastrophes of the Emergency Head Office 911 Central (Ibarra - Ecuador).

- Instructor for the Modules of Anatomical Bases, Physiology and First Aids (Mountaineering and Sports Technical Personnel Level (High Mountain School - Mountaineering Federation of Madrid).

- Instructor for the Modules of Anatomical Bases, Physiology and First Aids (Mountaineering and Sports Technical Personnel Level - Ski Federation of Madrid).

- Director of " ULLOA DE SALVAMENTO” - Search and Rescue School.


- Director of the 17 Cimas Project: For the Mountain Safety (already finished successfully in September 2007).

- Medical Adviser of the X-Plore Expedition Team.

- Ex-Director for Formation of the Local Assembly of Santiago de Compostela (CRE).

- Ex-Medical Adviser of the FGDME.

- Adviser of Search and Emergencies Teams.

- Collaborator of Medical and Surgical Academy of Santiago de Compostela.

- President of the Committee in the congress JORNADAS DE BÚSQUEDA, AUXILIO Y RESCATE.

- Collaborator of magazines as expert in The First Aids, Prevention of Accidents and BLS Technologies .

- Doctor in the Xacobeo ' 93 Expedition (Roncesvalles-Santiago).

- Medical Adviser of expeditions  to Himalaya, Ruwenzori and Kyrgyzstan.

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In the sports area, to emphasize his labor as:

- Adviser of diverse mass media, natives, local and autonomous, as expert in 4WD and Technical Advisor of Sports Activities in the Nature.

- Director of the Land Travel Project - GALICIA 4x4 (1995-1997).

- Officer of sports projects consolidated as TRANSGALICIA (1995-1998), the project TO THE END OF THE WORLD (1995-2002) and the project SCHOOLS 4X4 (1995-2002).

At the personal level has realized:

- Voyages/trekkings and ascensions for Spain (Teide, Pirineos, Picos de Europa), Europe (between others Rysy-Poland, Carrauntoohil-Ireland, Mont Blanc-France, Musalá-Bulgaria, Ben Nevis-United Kingdom, Dingli-Malta, Mount Olympus-Greece, Gerlachowsky-Slovakia, Snezka-Czech Republic, ...) and South America (Imbabura, Rucu Pichincha,Guagua Pichincha, Iliniza, Carihuairazo and Cotopaxi, one of the highest active volcanoes of the world - Ecuador).

- The Xacobeo Route from Roncesvalles, O Cebreiro and Sarria.

- Routes in motorcycle, Land Travel, etc.

His professional work develops in Bertamiráns (Galicia - Spain).

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