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Family team

Search and Rescue School - Working for Save Lives

Twenty years of history behind us - Galicia (Spain).

Borja Ulloa López - Director

- Pilot in command (Captain).

- Flight Examiner.

- Pedagogy Graduate.

Antonio Ulloa Reinoso - Product Manager

- Search and Rescue Instructor.

- Medicine Graduate and Specialist in Sport Medicine.

- First european "BR" Certification.

Who we are?

Ulloa de Salvamento was created in the late 1990s with the aim of / to providing comprehensive training for people and groups involved in search and rescue activities /missions/operations, such as health workers, persons involved in Civil Protection/Civil Protection groups, firefighters, policemen or search and rescue teams. Amongst our students are also other professionals such as airline and rescue helicopter pilots. Our programs are divided into two blocks: first, our training courses, such as training in road traffic accident procedures, vehicle extrication, life support training and mountain rescue. Second, our supplementary training courses, for example our course on cartography and GPS. Our school is a reference point and people from all the Spanish  regions –Asturias, Canarias, Baleares, Castilla, etc- come to our centre, where they learn from four wheel driving to intubation.

To all those who work for our safety, thank you very much

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